Color Defines Each Season All Year ‘Round.

With each passing season comes a beauty all its own. Once we have created the structure of your landscape with lawns, trees and shrubs in place, the addition of color with perennials, bulbs and annuals brings a fresh look as the seasons pass. These seasonal touches are often the highlights of a landscape design. Color schemes can change with the season and can be modified season to season as desired. Plants are chosen by preferences for sun or shade and other factors, but groupings of various plants can yield stunning results: Pansies, Tulips and other bulbs in the spring; Impatiens, Geraniums, Marigolds and other annuals in summer; Mums and Pansies in the autumn and colorful kale and cabbages throughout the winter. These seasonal additions to a base of long lasting perennials will bring fresh color and beauty to your landscape all year round.